75800 - At the backstage

Ν. Lygeros

He was writing a new play
when  she talked to him about the backstage
and its importance for the representation.
She knew how crucial  the rehearsal was for
him because it was the place of the truth
before the performance.
She didn’t ask for any role.
For her, his link was the whole world.
She followed a natural idea.
The essence had to be everywhere
in any place, like a holistic approach.
She had the vision.
They shared it like the precious light.
They had the same willingness.
Each move became a caress,
a soothing one with passion and desire.
And this discovery of the new world
created an unbelievable outpouring.
Pure emotion.
Flashpoint of polycyclicity.
And from the opening they went
to the deepest part.
They felt the same inside world
which was satisfied
with this new gift of the phenomenon.