75801 - The Venetian mirror

Ν. Lygeros

His fountain pen was made on the island of Murano.
She pointed out that it was Venetian glass.
And he remarked that it was the same for the mirrors.
She kept it in her mind.
And one night after her bath
she explored her idea
to show him the treasure
of the secret opening of the world.
She knew that her splits were impressive.
But this difference made the difference.
And she could feel
her own fountain pen
which was a new source of essence.
At the same moment, she imagined the impact on his own essence
and she played her favorite scale
on her instrument
like an answer
to the Canzonetta
Deh, vieni alla finestra
to obtain the loved spasms of the prodigy
and to create an outburst of joy.
And she did.