75803 - The essence of the warrior

Ν. Lygeros

Now everything was clear.
There was no separation.
The sacred was ready for the passion
and the passion was following the sacred human.
Mankind needed them both.
There was no other way
to fight against barbarity.
He knew it from the beginning
she understood it after the bifurcation.
And the difference which made the difference was the essence.
It was like a patron for souls.
Because the warrior
was a soulguard.
It was impossible for her to understand it
but she felt it with the first contact
and deeper after the bifurcation
as she discovered the savior.
She thought that he was only an exception
but it was an error due to the lack of knowledge of the history of Mankind.
After one thousand years everything is clear.
The deep mind was in fact a beautiful mind
made for her because she was his duty.
The protection of Mankind.