75841 - The Irish Faith

Ν. Lygeros

It’s impossible to imagine such a strong faith without being in Ireland and especially in Dublin. This feeling was impressive in Saint Patrick’s Church. Every corner of it, has its symbolism. The Church seems to wait for every believer to share its history with generosity. It’s a whole world in a unique church. You can start from everywhere, at the end the result will always be the discovery of the Irish Faith where the sacred, the chivalry and the passion create the ancient knot. Every detail is important in this historical place. It’s impossible to separate them, that’s why it looks like the Holy Trinity, or like the quarks of James Joyce. This simplicity is the strength of the people. At the same time it’s an explanation and an issue. An explanation with Time, an issue with Mankind. The freedom of Time and the liberation of Mankind. This passion is love and this love, passion. The others see only the Passion of Christ but for the believers its Love. But the Irish faith touches every soul. By this way, it’s possible to understand its history and even its deep history. No matter oblivion, the memory is still alive and you can feel it. You can discover that Ireland is a liberated country and not exactly free because the struggle continues beyond any obstacle. This Irish Faith is now under your skin.