75842 - In Saint Stephen’s Green

Ν. Lygeros

In Saint Stephen’s Green it’s possible to see a Victorian gem in the center of Dublin which represents a human history for the Irish people. You can see a memorial of the Great Famine, the Fusiliers’ Arch, the Three Fates as a reference of the Operation Shamrock but also a bust of James Joyce. Of course the Green is more than that because it has the essence of the Irish spirit. It’s simple and beautiful touching and human. And all the flowers with their fragrance show how it is extraordinary to live so long as Ephemera. For many people they are only plants but their exceptional duration in time reminds that Irish people are amazing resilient. The Green is not only a color but a part of the country and maybe the Irish blood. You don’t need to go further to feel this reality because it’s already a vision if you are a fighter of freedom and of course a warrior of Mankind. In this case, you can imagine the Green full of Celtic knots not only as a graphical representation but also as an ornamentation like small illuminations of the Book of Kells. And this knotwork of this island is related to the network of Humanity. It’s a reference to the duty we have in this world to see the big picture but also the small details, the passions in love, to fight against barbarity for every innocent.