75843 - Kilmainham Gaol

Ν. Lygeros

Even in prison, you can find a part of Irish history. Sure, it’s different to imagine it but you can if you want to comfort the souls of the innocents and the Righteous who fought for the Independence of Ireland against the inhuman occupation. Of course you can only see a Museum with temporary exhibition but if your soul is robust it will be able to discover the memory of the dead and the oppression against Ireland’s struggle. Because in this prison there is also the soul of the 1916 Easter Rising and all the political prisoners, especially those who have been executed. These traces of the Anglo-Irish War and the Civil War are here just in front of you. This is the reality of the past but also the memory of the future. Because now, we are talking about a national monument and not just a prison which closed in 1924. In these walls, there is  a century of memories, an Irish time that you can think with your mind without the help of your eyes because we are blind when we don’t know the history of the people. Even the sketches are so human that you can feel the pencil on your skin which becomes like the Banner of Patriots i.e. a piece of symbolic memory for the next generations. Don’t be sad with all that. This is also a piece of time that you have to keep in mind when you talk about Irish Faith because it is too precious to be lost.