75845 - History makers

Ν. Lygeros

You don’t need only a church and a faith to be a history maker but it’s important when you have to fight with a bigger country than yours. But the point is always the same, you need also Grand Strategy to avoid the problems of strategy and tactics, especially when you are in an island. Because you think that you are independent of the others. In reality this point is almost impossible. And the reason is simple. Your oppression comes from a whole Empire and not only from a country. The island can be just a square on the chessboard of Empire which is always afraid by the theory of dominoes. One huge struggle for you, can be only ante battle for the others but its importance comes from the impact on the others battles of the same war. That’s why you have to take account of this issue in the choice of your timing. But if your people wanted the solution before, you have to sacrifice something to get a result even if it’s a partial result. As the Grand Strategy was too big for those fighters, they liberated only a part of their country and a consequence was a Civil War which was the application of the concept of friction. This was sufficient to overcome all the tactics and to create a new situation which was even more complex for the people.