75846 - The Garden of Remembrance

Ν. Lygeros

For the warriors of Mankind the whole Ireland looks like the garden of remembrance in Dublin i.e. a tranquil memorial dedicated to the memory of all those who gave their lives for the cause of Irish freedom like a gift from the generations of the vision to the generations of freedom. We have in mind the legend of the Children of Lir in which four children are transformed into swans and remain so far 900 years before becoming human again and it’s impossible to avoid the analogy with the Irish spirit. There is no revenge or any vindictive behavior, on the contrary, we see only an alive memory but also a painful spirit which is trying to overcome the enemies of Mankind. Because the remembrance is also a kind of memory of the future. It’s not only related to the past. More than one thousand years of history can’t be stopped by the presence of occupation. In Dublin, the Castle, is a place where history was made for one millennium. It’s not only a vision but a proof, a reality of the past which explains the continuation of the future in the Irish mind. The story of the Castle is a part of the history. Sometimes Christ is among us but you don’t understand it because you don’t look at his feet even when you are in the garden of his Church. But for us his presence is everywhere in Dublin because there is a need to protect the innocent people from the attacks of barbarity.