75848 - The Easter Rising

Ν. Lygeros

The pivotal moment in modern Irish history was the Eastern Rising. But how to understand this without being in 1916? After one century, it’s possible to see the fire in the steel of the time from the perspective of the Rebels. The birth of a new type of nation with the vision of freedom is visible with the help of archives if you want to study them in depth. You have to take account of the cultural revival and social backdrop of Ireland but also of the European context which was a violent war landscape. Without that you will not realize the essence of the Irish National Question which was a dominant strategy in politics of the previous century. As a paradox, the importance of the Easter Rising comes more from the retribution of the Empire than from the rebellion. It’s only after the leaders’ execution that the public understood the Irish spirit. The sacrifice wasn’t necessity to change the whole situation. In fact the real struggle of the Irish Republic started only after the Easter Rising. This was the deep past of the War of Independence. This core makes sense to have a complete vision of the Irish struggle but also for its future at the strategic level. That’s why the sacrifice of the Easter Rising is so important even now for the history of innocence against the barbarity.