75853 - The path of the beauty

Ν. Lygeros

Before history, you need beauty to make it. And the path of the beauty started in 1916. It was the time of sacrifice, to create the necessary bifurcation for the future. One century later, the strategy has to do its job, to transform a vision in an alive reality beyond the present. As UK was and is an obstacle, the lateral thinking has to deal with the US. The path looks strange if you don’t have the deep past in mind but it’s relevant if you see the big picture. Ireland is no more alone and it’s precious in the Alliance, no matter the differences. 1916 was the beginning, 1922 only a step, but not a result, 1949 an attempt, 1973 an achievement, 1999 a new step on the new scale of strategy. The Civil war was a waste of time due to the inconsistence of the Treaty. The next moves were due to barbarity. The Belfast Pogroms, the Bambridge and Lisburn burnings and the Belfast Bloody Sunday weren’t only the past. Because this past continued in fact even after the Treaty.
The troubles were also in 1935.
And again in 1969.
It was impossible to see the beauty.
Barbarity was too strong.
But this past is a part of the stations of the liberation.
This freedom is related to the Atlantic ocean and nothing less.
We have time to think about without any formal restriction
and we will do it.
From now, strategy is ready
to overcome the present.