75854 - The historical step

Ν. Lygeros

Ireland needs right now to make a new historical step in its Grand Strategy. Its history was clear even with shadows because the light is powerful. The issue was only a tactical problem or even a proxy war but never a strategic one. The relation with UK was always intrusive even at the time of the Empire. But this relation wasn’t a link. The link was with the US. And only this one is useful for the Grand Strategy. in fact, Dublin and Washington were linked by the same opposition and the same revolution. Both countries believe in freedom without exception. Their power belongs to their people and to a foreign power which was afraid to lose its Empire. The relation was a problem. The link was a solution. So it was only a question of decision and timing. The idea was sustainable for a deep mind but difficult for the others. An explanation was needed, especially after 1999. But the situation was still complex even after 1998. Because a partially solved problem remains a problem. But the solution wasn’t far. In fact, the resolution had to be complex to produce a simple solution. The isolation and the empty chair wasn’t a step for the resolution. There is an American way to solve the British problem and to give an Irish strategy. The link belongs to the more general network of the Alliance. And even more now after the invasion in Ukraine and the end of neutrality.