75855 - The Lady in green

Ν. Lygeros

Could you please paint me with my umbrella? Is the color fine for you? Because it’s a symbol for me. I know that you know that but I wanted to tell you about it, at least one word. Could I also have my lovely hat? Yes? Oh, great! Do you always answer in a positive manner to any of my questions? You are too kind with me and I’m too lazy to try to understand your mentation. About the painting? What do you mean exactly? Forget it, it’s impossible for me to give you any advice. I just trust you. It’s as simple as that. Don’t try to discover something deep. I’m a simple woman…Just a woman. Yes, of course a Lady with all that that means, but for you I will be only a woman. Do you think that I will belong to the past of my people? Can you see the future with your vision? If you think that my beauty will be useful for them, please do your best. This is your way to write the time and I will underwrite it. I already feel free with you but I want the same for Ireland. Do you think it is possible? A dream? Oh, a vision! I prefer that but are you sure? How can you predict it? You can’t? I don’t understand your point. Could you explain it to me? Oh, my God, it’s awesome. So you just see it. Your mind is really deep. I’m so proud to be here, next to you to remember this memory of the future. Thank you so much for your gift to my people.