75856 - In the heart of Dublin

Ν. Lygeros

In the heart of Dublin, you can find the essence of the Irish spirit. The Churches and the Museums play a fundamental role because they prove that its future has a past and that there is a continuity. It’s not just a question of a political difference, organized as an opposition. The freedom of Ireland is not related to a slavery, its roots are deep and they were never cut by any kind of system. The construction of Ireland is not the destruction of something. In reality, it’s a necessity for the future. One island isn’t two islands but a wounded one when someone tries to divide it. Keep this in mind and have a holistic approach to see the next reality beyond the present which has to be a gift. It’s impossible to be free if you have occupied territories in your mind. And for Ireland, freedom came from the liberation. It’s not a natural process but the result of a human revolution against barbarity. The Irish issue is not a confrontation between two different positions. It’s a separation of an infamous proxy war without any meaning for the country. At this point has to be explained to the future generation because future has already started in 2022. And now it’s a question of time to realize it and to use it as a plan which belongs to the Grand Strategy. The core knows it. The hyperstructure has decided it. So the people have to see how to construct this next cycle with intelligence and memory.