75858 - Irish achievements

Ν. Lygeros

In 1999, Ireland joined NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.
Since 1999, Ireland has contributed to the NATO-led Kosovo peace keeping force.
Irish staff officers worked along with Allied Forces in Afghanistan.
Ireland participated in NATO’s International Security Assistant Force.
Under the Partnership Interoperability Initiative, Ireland has participated in the Interoperability Platform, which brings Allies together with selected partners that are active contributors to NATO’s operation.
Ireland has contributed to a large number of NATO Trust Fund projects in other partner countries.
Ireland has world-class expertise in countering improvised explosive devices and has provided its expertise through a number of programs. The Irish Defense Forces Ordnance School has offered a course on countering marauding terrorist attacks, which provides counter-terrorism training to commanders from Allied armed forces.
Under the Science for Peace and Security Program, experts from Ireland have participated in numerous advanced research workshops addressing topics such as the use of internet for terrorist purposes and the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Future activities will focus on the development of innovative technologies for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense, and on advancing the understanding of nanomaterials and nanoarchitecture. If you know all that, you see that path that is impossible to imagine for the others.