75860 - The passion of freedom

Ν. Lygeros

The passion of freedom is natural in Irish Faith. From the Viking time, the people of Ireland knew what slavery was. And the word occupation had a meaning in the next centuries. It was the same for the oppression. That’s why freedom is so important in Ireland. It wasn’t a country of power but it became one of resistance. This factor was important for the next generations and history is clear about that. So how this fact is related with the Irish issue? The answer is quite simple. The construction of the independent state was made on the notion of freedom. It wasn’t only an opposition to an occupation or even an invasion. The Irish people wanted to be free because it’s normal for this island. But just to be free, it’s not so simple when you are not alone and next to you there is expansionist power which wanted to control not only its area but also its back when it has to fight against the continent. Even now, it’s difficult to be a free square on a chessboard. And free doesn’t mean empty. The green soil of Ireland does not belong to a classical chessboard. That’s a problem when you promote only neutrality. And by the way, neutrality doesn’t avoid death. In fact, neutrality is not a tool for freedom but for peace. But peace can be easily manipulated by a proxy war. That’s why is important to be on the right side of history. Because with the concept of neutrality is quite impossible. That’s the lesson of the passion of freedom.