75863 - The British genocide

Ν. Lygeros

Everybody is talking about the famine in Ireland. But in reality this starvation wasn’t natural. It wasn’t only a disease or even a problem with potatoes. By the way, potatoes had only one century of existence in Ireland at that time. This dependence wasn’t the only reason for this catastrophe. The real problem was made by the British authorities and their policy against Irish people. They wanted to clean the land, to change the exploitation system of the soil. They didn’t need all these people. For them, it was a waste of time. The deportation, the starvation, the death or even the exile, were tools of the policy which became weapons of the genocide. They wanted an empty space and not a free country. They used Ireland as a field for their business and nothing else. The people of the country have been sacrificed without any respect for human dignity. The Irish people didn’t deserve that but it was a dirty detail for the British policy which was under the influence of merchants who are merciless about innocents. Even now, nobody in the United Kingdom at the official level recognizes the fault of British policy. So the recognition of this tragedy as a genocide is struggle for the future. It’s crucial to have a clear position about the facts of the past, if you have to make decisions for the future. The famine belongs already to the Irish people. It’s time to do the same for the British genocide.