75864 - The Irish miracle

Ν. Lygeros

Life is rare. This point of Oscar Wilde is fundamental to understanding the Irish miracle. Normally with all the problems which were created by the British policies in time, Ireland should be dead. That’s why the next move matters. We have to realize that we  are living the Irish miracle. But this is not sufficient for the future. And a way to keep it alive, is to fight for the recognition of the British genocide, for the Alliance and the freedom. We have all the data to do it. But we also have to build the necessary Grand Strategy to make the history of the future. Because it’s heartbreaking to see that it’s possible to do it but it wasn’t done already. The example of Ireland has to be a paradigm of freedom. There is no reason to leave Ireland without the protection of Mankind. The Irish issue wasn’t a local drama and we need a global approach to solve the problems of the future. In that point of view we have to liberate Ireland from the trap of neutrality. Mankind doesn’t want it because it’s known that it can be very easy for barbarity to attack innocent people. To be free is also to take a position on the battle. The Irish faith was always next to Mankind. It’s time to do it at the political level. This is an opening to the world of the future. Because Ireland has to be robust against the attacks of barbarity. In that sense the Irish Faith is able to create a paradigm.