7669 - The new vision

N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Angeliki Papadopoulou

Master, why can’t I see the castles of Aegean too?
Because you are not looking at the endless blue.
The sea?
Did you see how they built the castles?
I have read.
Did you understand it?
I don’t know, Master. What to say?
Once the fighters can, they put sea around their castles.
In the trenches.
No matter where, the point is why.
For protection.
The same goes for the islands.
Just the defense is already here.
It is the gift of time.
The problem is that few make good use of it.
Same for the islands. They endure in order to remain free.
Free Beleaguered in order to produce the necessary.
For humanity?
For what else?