77241 - The essence of freedom

Ν. Lygeros

The skyscraper was really tall. It was one of those historical giants of New York. Its history was more impressive than its size. But most of the people wanted to go to the top of the rock. There, the view was beautiful. Not only for the landscape but also for the skyline. From there, it was possible to see in depth how wonderful the Empire State building was. It was the vision of the giant. And people wanted to explore it. It was a way to express their simple love for the midtown. We didn’t need any explanation; the view was sufficient to show the rationale of time. At this level, we felt how awesome the love of Mankind was. Beyond the mission at the United Nations, we saw for the first time the essence of freedom. The peace explained at the level of strategy was a spoliation of freedom. The forced peace was only another method to create slaves. This state of slavery could explain many dictatorships. The skyscraper represented a symbol of freedom. It wasn’t a question of peace. We were free in a state of war against barbarity. And we had the duty to liberate the other people. Because freedom is a gift only if you share it. It can’t be only for you. Freedom can’t stop at the level of men because it’s a value of Mankind. At the Rockefeller Center this became so obvious for us that our metamorphose was a forcé move for the next steps just below the sky above every detail of existence. This was the essence of freedom.