77242 - The eleventh level

Ν. Lygeros

He had in mind the ten articles of the Rights of Humanity. But with this metamorphosis we were able to catch the eleventh level which permitted to ring us to the mastering of consciousness. For us, Mankind wasn’t only an abstract object of the mind but the reality of freedom. Societies were occupational territories of different kind of dictatorships. But Mankind was free. Its history was deep and its strategy, grand. Like in a skyscraper the neighborhood wasn’t an obstruction to the view. No obstacles could stop the vision. But you had to be robust to any attack. At the eleventh level, we got new possibilities to see the world how it really was. Like a matrix with many dimensions which were invisible to most of us, the world became visible in a transcendent way. We were beyond awakeness because it was a necessity for the mastering of our conscience with our soul. Nobody can imagine it without the precious lessons of an old Master. We understood that time was with us not only for specific missions but for our lives in the framework of souls. And there, it was possible to see the pure love. No need to imagine it, it was just in front of you. Passion couldn’t change anything. Because everything was done for you because you accepted to do everything for the others. The lesson was clear. The light could be everywhere for the vision but nowhere for the blind. The essence of freedom was the light of love.