77243 - The light of love

Ν. Lygeros

When you live in the darkness, you just love yourself. You want your own pleasure and you don’t care about the others. That’s why you don’t want to share your view. You want to be unique but you are just alone because you don’t see anyone except yourself. But with freedom, the world is totally different. At this level of harmony there are no bonds, only links. We are connected and we are sharing the same mind and the same light of love. Of course, this is possible when you are close to the source. And this is related to faith. In this case you can see freely the light of love. This is no more a simple picture but a real painting with essence and ink. Then you have access to ubiquity and not only to uniqueness. This is the creation of a manifold from a singularity. The traces of light break the darkness. It’s beyond your imagination. Because when you see the light, you want to smell it, to taste it, to drink it, to feel in your body and your soul how powerful it is. It looks like a miracle at first glance but after the surprise, you get what you did to change your mind and to liberate your mind. No occupation anymore. Freedom has to survive and stop thinking of it as it was a victim of the system because it has dominant strategy and at the end of the process intelligence will change not only the meaning of future but also the past with light.