77244 - The end of occupation

Ν. Lygeros

The process of liberation conducts to the end of occupation. When you are born in the occupied territories of mind, you think that any change is simply impossible. But if you have faith, everything is possible. After many years of spoliation  of your rights, you can see what freedom really means. Because you have access to the light. In the darkness everything was forbidden and even your thought was restricted to the existence. Life was impossible. But after your awakeness you can see the skyscraper and its light even in the night. At that moment you are already beyond the end and you are seeking the perfection. The desire is replaced by passion, and passion by faith. Beyond the existence, you see the essence and with its light, the trace which is the starting point of the work. At this level you can discover the blend of the essence and the work as you look at the light and the love. At the end of occupation, liberation is only the beginning but freedom goes beyond. You were in a forced peace due to a dictatorship and now you are in our struggle against barbarity, any barbarity. Because now you belong to Mankind. And you can feel its essence in your body, its trace in your mind and its work in your soul. This miracle is not only possible but it’s a necessity for your own evolution in this polycyclical hyperstructure.