77245 - The flashpoint of revolution

Ν. Lygeros

The end of occupation is not terminal. You will have to fight if you want to stay free. Freedom is not a state but a dynamic. You have to move because you need to create. And your moves compose a synthesis. Due to your instrument, your fingerings produce music and your mastering innovation. You don’t play notes anymore, you create a composition and this one is the flashpoint of a revolution. Your evolution with liberation is followed by a revolution of freedom. You are walking on the path of light and you have love inside you, so you are not afraid anymore by the darkness. By the way, you can fight now against other barbarities because you are free and for Mankind it is your duty. The flashpoint of the revolution is to be able to fight with others and for others even if you don’t have to win for your own. All your acts after this point are for the others because they compose Mankind. For this reason, you are a resistant to barbarity. So each time that one of them asks you a grace, you create what they want and with this you add a value to the work of Mankind. That’s why for Humanity the work creates the being. Your trace of light belongs then to a painting of love. And this love is the result of an amazing grace.