77248 - The blend of joy and metajoy

Ν. Lygeros

Before the mentation, you asked for the essence on paper like a map of joy and you got it. It was an innovation in the discrete world but now with the mentation it belongs to the continuous one. Now it’s possible beyond the trace to see the work, beyond the liberation, the freedom. You feel the power of love because you discover the essence in your fist, because the gift changed you in an irreversible way, your way. And your life is different now because its difference makes the difference. Now we are part of the History because it was the duty of our story, this blend of joy and metajoy. You needed the gift and I opalesced  with the essence. You saw even the change of colors due to time. By this way you have now Humanity and Time in the same mentation. You wanted a gift and you got a miracle because only this one is related to faith. In that sense, the miracle is the gift of faith. When someone gives you the wings of faith it is the flashpoint of your revolution. After that, there is no return because you are on the other side of the bridge. You think that you are the same but in a new world.