77249 - The taste of harmony

N. Lygeros

At the beginning you tried to smell the harmony from the traces because you couldn’t imagine the access to the source. But after your metamorphosis you had to drink the essence to get to the next level. And now you can feel that the faith is able to change everything because it works with the power of love. So it’s not just a question of liberation but a way of thinking, a way of life. It isn’t just an experience but a change of cycle in the polycyclical time of Mankind. You started with the traces but you found the objects of essence and you saw the world in a different manner because its precious being was the result of innovation work. Then you discovered the ease. There were no obstacles anymore. Any object was a point on the path of light. This was your first victory in the struggle against darkness. You needed time to realize the transformation. The result was so huge that it was unpredictable. The taste of harmony reminds you of the piano and its complexity but also the whole orchestra like those we saw at the Metropolitan Opera where the beauty became truth and the truth, beauty.