77250 - The tower of freedom

N. Lygeros

The skyscraper became a symbol. It was a point of the ante Cold War period and now it was a point of your own struggle against barbarity. It was there before the Cold War and it is here after. The Cold War wasn’t able to destroy it. It is in fact the proof of the victory of the democracy against dictatorship. And now you realize that it is the same thing for you. Because your body and mind are free. This is due to the fact that now you have the wings of faith and you can fly to the tower of freedom without any fear. Even if your past was occupied, you can see that your future is free because you get this present, this gift, this proof of the power of live. The tower of freedom is you shield. You can feel it and even the stars and stripes have now a new meaning in your mind. They are not only the proof of the reliance but also of the memory of the future. The old Glory is a new victory. For you it’s now possible to say that you were there because you are here now and you continue your fight next to me, free.