77272 - The sacred freedom

Ν. Lygeros

The first attack was a subterfuge but not a stratagem because the substrate was fake. The use of this kind of deception was irrelevant in the context of that time. This error became the starting point of the liberation. But at that time, it was unpredictable. At the beginning it was just an ineffective attempt to create a new front on the other side with the use of another state which was considered as a puppet. But the confusion made mistakes. There were no decisive elements. This point conducted to a counterattack and this one to an opening for the next step which was at that moment totally unbelievable. The faith came after when the occasion was transformed by serendipity. The chessboard was ready and it was necessary to answer to the first move. Even if this one wasn’t really prepared it created the path and the light did the rest. The goal wasn’t clear at the initial point. It was only a self-defense, a reaction but after it became a target to get to the sacred freedom.