77273 - The strategic respect

Ν. Lygeros

Even the method of the attack was a proof that enemies didn’t care about the Old City. This was a fact not an interpretation. They used machine-gun but quickly also mortar and recoilless rifle fire. But our defense used only small-arms fire. We wanted to avoid hitting civilians, holy sites and of course the Old City. No matter what our enemies did or wanted to do, we had to respect the holy time. For us it wasn’t just a chessboard but the land of our history and it was a question of dignity. This was the core of our duty. We had to protect the space of time. We tried to convince them to stop their attack but they answered that the die was cast. They targeted many places not only military installations but also the symbols of our democracy. We had civilian casualties. But as if it was not sufficient, they damaged hundreds of our buildings and even the hospital. They had with them many allies and we were alone. This was the reason for our victory. It was a question of death or freedom.