77276 - Peace against freedom

N. Lygeros

The sacred freedom was the unexpected result of the war. It wasn’t the initial aim of our enemies. They wanted their peace but it was a peace of death. Their aim was to kill us. For them it was the only way to get peace. But it was a strategic error. It was an act against Humanity. We understood that peace was against freedom and we chose freedom. Peace was dependent on societies but freedom was a gift of Mankind. The Old City had to be free. It was important for all the people of the Book. All the holy places had to be opened. Any access had to be free. We fought for all those people who wanted to continue believing without fears, without obstructions from the occupation. And this happened due to our struggle. Now it’s our duty to keep the Old City safe and secure. We are warriors of Mankind. We never give up our position. The Old City has to be the kingdom of freedom because it’s the continuity of the past. The Old City is made for the dead, the living and the unborn people because it’s a part of Mankind and we are its shield of light.