77623 - The Crusade as a strategic counterattack

Ν. Lygeros

The best defense is the attack, as Napoleon says. But the best attack is certainly the counterattack. The core of this strategy is to be robust to the first attack. Many people see only the dominant concept of attack  and very few understand the importance of the counterattack. Everybody can make an attack but only a few can conduct a successful counterattack because they first have to survive to the attack, understand its structure and its weakness to create a network of thoughts and of course a strategic mix to get the desired result of the vision. If we consider all those points, we can realize that the crusade is a strategic counterattack. In this frame, it is a part of the struggle of Mankind against barbarity and its expansion. The problem is the exclusivity. As far as we accept to be different and in different places, there is no problem. But when someone decides that we must be all the same, everywhere, then we have a real problem. Because exclusivity produces oppression and spoliation. When you forbid the access to the pilgrims, when you kill them because they just want to go to the Holy Land, you have to accept the existence of a strategic counterattack i.e. the Crusade.