77801 - The unstoppable willingness

N. Lygeros

I hear the fire.
They want to destroy the Cross.
They believe that everything is possible
and that nobody will stop them.
It’s a strategic error.
They think that their religion is related
to Faith but it’s only a new kind of barbarity.
But everything is possible only with Time.
The knight of the past has an unstoppable willingness.
The love of the present is a gift of Mankind.
And the vision of the future is free.
There is no faith without truth and freedom.
Exclusivity is just uniqueness of barbarity.
Rarity is not ready to give up.
Nobody has the right to forbid
the access to the Holy Land.
If they do this it’s only because they can’t
imagine the counterattack of Time.
He takes his famous sword.
His light will cut the fire.
It wasn’t written for the moment
but the events of the future
will do it as soon as possible.