77804 - War time

N. Lygeros

I see the war.
The peace of barbarity has to finish.
And we have to do it.
Because nobody else will do it.
This isn’t a choice.
Just a decision.
We need freedom, nothing less.
Who cares about this fake peace.
The strategic interdiction is an act of barbarity.
That’s why it’s unacceptable.
It’s no more a question of tactics.
The religion wants to break the faith.
The sword needs the Cross to do the impossible.
The Cross needs the light to make the miracle.
So the things are simple.
The Holy Land needs a miracle.
And if the miracle is impossible on its own
we will create it right now.
There is no delay.
Our enemies want the moonlight.
But it’s not sufficient.
The source is necessary.
This is our essence.