77805 - Free Mankind

N. Lygeros

I taste the freedom.
The liberation of the Holy Land is not only a task
but a duty for any warrior of Mankind.
Now she is able to see the beauty of faith.
There is no dogma.
Only Truth.
The light has to be free.
This is necessary for the resurrection.
The Holy Land has a soul.
And this one is the core.
It’s not just a question of rights.
This is a request of time
against barbarity.
Don’t forget it.
Keep in mind that the peace of barbarity
is incompatible with the free Mankind.
For this reason
we are made
with an unstoppable willingness
to fight any enemy of the light.
And our fire comes from the light.
Like our sword.
This is the vision of the future.
This is what History will write.