78559 - Transcription of podcast With US #69: The new victory of Ukraine

N. Lygeros

In this podcast let’s talk about the new victory of Ukraine. Imagine that it was impossible to think about that just few months ago, because we remember that for eight months the residents of the Ukrainian city of Kherson has been living under a brutal Russian occupation. And now they are free, they feel free, maybe they don’t have any water, they don’t have power, not even internet, but we can see that they are not slaves, they are Ukrainians and they win this new battle against the Russian troops. So it’s a new failure for the Kremlin and even if that was decided only by the military, it was accepted at the level of the politics. Now Kherson is free again. Maybe the Russian forces wanted to terrify the population, to force them to be Russian. They didn’t manage to do it and right now we see that we have a new victory in the battlefield of Ukraine and this proves that the Ukrainian forces are efficient, the population has resistance and on the other side the Russian forces are unable to resist to the counterattack of Ukraine in that region and now they have to move. And it’s clear, maybe even obvious, that Ukraine can win this kind of war which started with an invasion. Now that only the thought of this victory is possible, is already a new victory and we now know that Ukraine not only can win but also it has to win.