78811 - Transcription of Podcast WITH US #72: About Technology

N. Lygeros

Let’s talk about technology in this podcast. My point is the following, we always try to find the reason of problems we have in many fields. We forget of course that many of them can be solved by technology. So in our research of the guilty, we always try to convince ourselves that the problem is in fact technology itself. So let’s start from the beginning. Technology is not just a tool, it’s in fact a real mentation because we have techniques, we have also art and we can say about them that they are tools but technology is at another level. In fact its’s closer to human mind than to human hands. The idea is the following, technology is a way of thinking the world, it’s not just a way to support it. It’s a way to create the next reality, it’s a way to change the shape of the universe. So in fact technology is like the human part of the universe because with it, we are able to change many things and even if most of them are really unthinkable at the first glance. So is technology just a new step or is it a vision? I think that it’s not just the next step of techniques. Because the next step of this can also be art. So can we imagine that technology is a kind of scientific art, something which is created from science substrate and at the end of the process we have something new, I mean totally new not quite new. With this vision it’s possible to imagine that reality can go beyond imagination and maybe that’s the problem. Because we can have solution beyond problems but we see only the problems. And sometimes we already have the solution but it’s impossible to correlated them with the problems. So imagine like with the technological bonsai that we have very efficient technology and we have already many solutions. But the problem is to find the problem, to solve it. In fact we have already the resolution but we need to put a name on the problem and maybe it was an example for HiFi. But imagine now that we need to go to Mars, imagine that we need to go with very high-speed trains and not only airplanes. Imagine that we can use maglev technology, I mean magnetic levitation and imagine that everything is possible if we have the willingness. The problem is do we have the willingness to use technology for that or do you want use technology just for protection, just a conservative way of thinking? What about innovation? So maybe technology is one of the best innovations of Mankind and the idea is that we should use this not only to change something but also to change our mind about what we are able to do in the future because at the end of this thought we can imagine that in reality technology is just a link from the future.