80941 - The Breathwork of History

N. Lygeros

If you can share your breath with someone, if you can give him water in his mouth or even your essence, then imagine that you can give him the breathwork of History. With your lips in contact but always open, you can share pieces of History. Your love is not just a story but a part of the whole Humanity. When we are so close, we are together. When we are together, we are always close. Touch his lips with yours, taste them and your love will be a masterpiece because he is made for that and only for that without any compromise. He will let you drink even a part of his light, a part of his soul if it’s your only protection from the darkness. This is not only love but passion of the soul. And even if you don’t understand the value of this gift, he will continue to give you the kiss of soul. Because he’s not only a lover or a fighter of love but a warrior of Mankind with the spirit of History i.e. a beautiful mind.