81061 - Beyond the skin

N. Lygeros

It was obvious for everyone
that the soul is always inside the body.
But it was wrong.
And he was the proof.
It looked like a miracle.
But it was a fact.
Because the miracle was a fact…
Even if it wasn’t obvious…
The memory was the negation of oblivion.
But another negation was needed.
No hate.
It was a request for Mankind.
Another starting point
for the flashpoint of love.
The negation of hate was the foundation
and love was its development.
This was the reason of the existence
of the transcendental love.
By its definition, love was outside
of the framework.
He was able to take care
of all the infinitesimal facts.
It was the way to create
the work of the future
because the act was the enrichment
of the initial grace.
And this asymmetrical design
was the initial condition for their harmony.