81073 - The American breakfast

N. Lygeros

She wanted to taste a specific American breakfast.
Two halves of an English muffin,
each topped with Canadian bacon,
a poached egg
and of course hollandaise sauce.
It was a creation for New York.
Her idea was to eat in the same way
as if she was there.
It was a Delmonico Effect…
As soon as she started to taste it
her mouth was full of joy.
It was an access to the essence.
And this essence
was the Hollandaise sauce
even if she knew
that it was a French creation.
It was another way for her
to recall his gift.
She made a new connection
with the Dutch Defense
which looks like the Sicilian Defense
in a manner.
So for her it was a proof
of their link.
Certificate of Harmony.