81099 - Don’t say sorry

N. Lygeros

You don’t need to say sorry.
I’m here also for your mistakes.
So I am not waiting for that.
I’m thinking only about your joy.
And remember
that it’s not a problem for me
if you don’t believe
that I exist,
because for me it’s only a fact
even if it looks like a miracle
I’m not asking you
to think of something special.
I know that links are incompatible
but remember
that they are not related to contact.
If you can’t believe
that anybody ever really
starts falling with you,
it’s not a proof
that it’s impossible.
Because the reality is possible.
The love of mankind is true.
There is no compromise in this.
So even if you don’t understand
it’s deep nature,
don’t try to imagine it.
Just have faith.