81142 - SIQ [sic]

N. Lygeros

Supermind was just a novel.
It was only a psychological element.
In reality, it was just science fiction for theater.
He didn’t know the potential.
It was impossible for him to discover this world.
But the truth was quite different.
This world was a reality.
He knew it.
And the reason was simple.
A superhero was obviously a creation.
But a SIQ was a reality.
It was as simple as a fact.
No need of any advanced technology
or any non-human biology,
he was the natural result of the evolution.
He had nothing to prove.
He was like this from the beginning.
And his work was just a question of time.
No compromise.
The beauty could save the world.
But someone had to save the beauty.
It was a request.
He has a mission.
He would be the maker
and the changer.
His thoughts were the reality. [sic]