81144 - Interintelligible

N. Lygeros

Respect was universal.
He was concerned by the whole Mankind.
Its duration and its evolution
were his mentation
at a fundamental level.
One intelligence wasn’t sufficient.
It had to be connected to others.
The network had to be interintelligible.
Its power was due to faith.
It wasn’t a question of language,
the supermind had to be one and same.
In the core like the body.
In the image like the soul.
The world was open.
This was a key point.
He had to speak to the others.
Universal language
was his mind.
Base and generator.
Fractal Analysis.
Connexion between brains.
Interconnected souls.
The point of view was different.
He was a screw axis.
No translation. No rotation. Both of them.