81145 - Quod erat demonstrandum

N. Lygeros

He wasn’t the theorem.
He was the proof.
His existence wasn’t obvious but it was a fact.
He didn’t need to make miracles.
He was a miracle and he used transitivity.
His mind was made to understand the link
between the past and the future.
Like a bridge, his life created a path
over the empty present
and its barbarity.
He mastered the strings of Time
to become a solver
and after a Savior.
It was a duty.
Not a choice.
He was made for that
and for nothing else.
And the goal was simple
but of course not obvious.
The question was easy for each mission:
Was the result fine?
And it was always great
because he had serendipity.
His body was an enigma.
His mind was a bomb.
His name was… [sic]