81209 - The miracle

N. Lygeros

The miracle is the result
of the resolution of a paradox.
The miracle should be impossible.
This is the obvious part.
The miracle is a fact.
This is the factual part.
In this context the miracle is in fact
an improbable real event.
In other words, it is the realization
of a rare probability.
But the real problem is not the acceptance
of the reality of the miracle.
The difficult part is its realization.
How a miracle is possible.
After the reality, we have the act
and then the vision.
The next levels are the utopia and the unthinkable.
For a miracle its reality is a utopia
but its concept is unthinkable.
So the problem at its core
is the relation between miracles and faith.
At the lowest level, the miracle is like a proof
for the non believer that should believe.
This sign is only an observable in the beginning
but an interpretation at the end.