81210 - The rational of the miracle

N. Lygeros

The need
is the rational of the miracle.
Τhe miracle is maybe rare
but there is no miracle
without any reason.
In that sense, the miracle is needed.
But the problem is,
does a miracle need to be rationalized.
Τhe miracle needed to be possessed.
It’s a kind of understanding of its nature.
But its complexity is hard to be explained.
The explanation is not a realization.
The ignorance is not an explanation.
And the problem is even more complex
if the miracle is related
to the existence of a person.
What is the real miracle for Jesus Christ:
his resurrection or his birth?
If the rational of the resurrection
is to prove that his birth
was a gift of God
then the biggest miracle
is certainly his birth.
Because all the rest look
as a multiple consequence
of this unique fact.