81211 - The master of miracles

N. Lygeros

As rarity is not rare for rarity
the miracle is not miraculous for the miracle.
So the miracle is also related to the observer.
For the master of miracles,
the miracle is only a question of faith.
The faith is miraculous
but the miracle is not a faith.
If you need many miracles
to have your faith
in reality you are an unbeliever.
The signs are needed by the others.
So for the master,
miracles are only facts,
i.e. mastering of the next reality.
Miracles are elements of his work.
And his work is him.
So all his existence
is only a series of miracles.
In short,
his life is a miracle.
But if your life is a miracle
you don’t need to prove
that you are a miracle,
you need only to exist.
Because the proof is constructive.