81275 - The love of light

N. Lygeros

The light is too tough for your soul.
It’s impossible to open your eyes.
That’s why love is so precious.
But you don’t know what it is exactly.
You haven’t had any contact with the Love of Mankind.
And even Jesus Christ is just a trace.
Something which belongs to the past.
You can’t see the future
because the present is omnipresent.
In the day you can’t see the light
of the suns of the night.
The reconstruction of faith
is unthinkable for you.
But this reality is already here.
And the reason is simple.
You are not alone anymore.
Now the light is not only next to you.
Even if your eyes are closed
you live in the light,
in the big hug of the light
and this is due to the power of love.
For you it’s impossible to imagine it
but it’s your new reality.
You are blind but you are in the Book.
Your soul can feel it.
And now it’s time to recover your vision.
Open your eyes.