81278 - The new shape

N. Lygeros

It’s difficult for you to imagine the shape of the soul.
It’s only because you think
that it lives in the body.
But the soul is bigger than life.
And this is a crucial point for its understanding.
Like a sword which is in your hand
but not inside.
You can see the sun but you have a problem
when you want to live in the dark.
The new shape is due to the liberation.
Don’t wait to be like this on your own.
You need to be in the battle of souls
to understand their struggle.
For the moment,
Mankind is still an abstract concept.
You are at the level of the book
and you have to hold it to solve
the problems of its pages.
So for you the library is unthinkable.
But the book belongs to the library
from the beginning.
Now you know it.
So the question is what are you going to do
to explore this new universe.