81279 - The respect of the body

N. Lygeros

The respect of the body is important
because it’s a gift for your soul.
Don’t imagine it on its own.
It’s not even its dual.
It’s only its support for a specific duration.
It can also be a weapon in the struggle
but it’s a part of it
not the whole.
I know that you love the body
but don’t forget
that’s always the body of a soul.
That’s why I give it so much importance.
The gift is precious because it’s a gift
and not something else.
A gift is always related to someone.
It’s not a toy.
If I protect and take care of your body
it’s only because of your soul.
I see it all around the body.
And when I touch it
my emotion comes from
the link with your soul
and not the contact of the bodies.
I need to see the light.
The soul is always naked.
So I’m not afraid to be naked with you.
I love it.