81281 - Polar desert

N. Lygeros

For you Mankind is only the population.
In reality you forget the dead and the unborn people.
For us it is like a polar desert.
We see ice sheets,
ice fields,
ice caps…
No colours in the white desert.
But now imagine the impact of a volcano.
Its existence looks like a miracle.
And all its actions will be miraculous.
But not for itself, only for the others.
After it everything will be different.
Nothing could stay at the same level.
Its existence is the flashpoint
of the next reality.
So don’t try to imagine
the future from the present.
The future is the gift of the past
it has no relation with the present.
The past and the future are linked.
The volcano is unexpected
but not necessarily impossible.
As a consequence, if you know
that its apparition is possible
be prepared.
If you are a believer
this will be easy.