81282 - Shield volcano

N. Lygeros

It’s impossible for you to see the gift
of a shield volcano
but this is the reality of many islands
in the blue of the ocean.
The low viscosity lava is responsible
for the gentle effusive eruptions.
In this case the volcano
is a creation without a destruction.
It’s not a singularity but an anomaly.
Something which is deeper.
The singularity is important for itself.
But in dynamical systems,
the anomaly is important for all.
This is what you can see in Iceland…
Βeyond the geological point of view,
the Saga is a shield volcano.
It can burn everything.
It can enlight anyone.
It’s just a question of time.
Its text is live lava.
It works like a sword.
It can cut everything.
It can open anything.
With this ink
Saga has written history
on the white paper of the land.
Ice desert.